Makeup Artist



Pearl Espinoza

"I remember the first time I saw my mom do her own makeup, I was so amazed at what she could do. Then, I got my hands on makeup, I wanted to know everything about it and how to use it. As time went on, my obsession with makeup grew. I was doing all of my friends makeup any chance I got and there were never enough faces for me to play with. Today, I still think that I could add a few more faces in a day, but then I wouldn't sleep, sleep what's that and who needs it. lol."

Pearl has been doing makeup for over 5 years and has such a passion for it. "I can't imagine myself doing anything other than being a makeup artist. I love seeing my clients look at themselves in the mirror after I am done and seeing their expressions."

Pearl specializes in bridal, editorial, high-fashion and runway makeup.